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About us

Building works

Construction work of various kinds. From the idea to the approval of the final construction. Challenging projects, multifunctional buildings, but also turnkey family houses.

Excavation work

Simple excavations of canals for engineering networks up to the foundations of houses and buildings or demanding landscaping before or after the implementation of a construction project.

Demolition works

Demolition and demolition work with own heavy equipment. Also as a space preparation before the implementation of a new project. The removal of rubble is a matter of course.

References - our work

You can see a few interesting projects that we have done so far. We think these are definitely worth noting ;)

Rodinný dom na kľúč.

Rodinný dom


Rodinný dom Detmarovice

Rodinný dom Dětmarovice


Multifunkčná budova na kľúč.

Villa Lariš


Terénne úpravy wellness zámeček Petrovice.

Wellness zámeček Petrovice


Dizajn záhrady dom Dětmarovice

Záhrada dom Dětmarovice


Záhrada a okolie Villa Lariš Petrovice

Záhrada Villa Lariš


Terénne úpravy rodinného domu

Záhrada rodinný dom


Terénne úpravy zámok Petrovice.

Záhrada Zámok Petrovice



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